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Below are the links you can use if you have LOST an animal and would like to see if they might be at our shelter.  Please note, YOU MUST COME IN TO VISUALLY IDENTIFY YOUR ANIMAL. Using this website can aid in your search, but please note that online photo identification does not and should NEVER replace visiting the shelter to view animals in person. There are many limitations to using these photos, including but not limited to:

1. We do our best, but sometimes we have difficulty getting great photos when we intake animals. Visiting in person is preferred to viewing photos on our website. 

2. Animals can look similar or very different from other animals when searching from a list. It is nearly impossible to determine one black cat from another in photos. Owners frequently do not recognize the photo of their animal but recognize them in person easily.

3. Breed descriptions are subjective. A shepherd mix could also be described as a husky mix. When we choose a breed, we are making an educated guess. A visit to the shelter is better than relying on breed descriptions.

4. Mistakes can happen. Data entry mistakes can happen on the best of days. Look at the photos and use them as a general guide only. Please visit us to ensure proper identification and search for your missing animal. 






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